Psychometric tests are a standardised way of measuring certain skills and comparing your scores with those of people. they’re also called aptitude tests. they’ll include a psychometric test or a mix of both.

Over 70 per cent of larger companies use psychometric testing. Many medium and little companies also use tests to assess candidates on the abilities relevant for the task. The Careers and Employability team can facilitate your brace oneself for a mental test, with online resources and free workshops during term time (see below).

Why do employers use them?
Employers use testing as a way of getting an unbiased evaluation of a candidate’s abilities. they’ll use them at different points of the recruitment process. this type of testing has become quite common as a part of graduate recruitment.
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Take a glance at the various varieties of tests you may be doing as a part of a recruitment process. you’ll also have a look at our practice tests page for a range of internet sites that allow you to practise free.

Practice workshops
Our practice workshops run between October and March. we provide two different workshops:

Verbal Reasoning
Numerical Reasoning
The workshops will facilitate your understanding how psychometric tests are used then provide you with a chance to figure through some examples on your own and in small groups.

How to Book
Log in to MyGateway for further details and to book an area.

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